A New Fountain In Town

Similar to the Lake Eola fountain and near the Florida Citrus Sports Overlook, the centerpiece of Lake Lorna Doone is complete with customizable lighting.

Thank You To Our Sponsor

About COLLAGE Construction

The contractors of the Lake Lorna Doone Park renovations, COLLAGE Construction are on a mission and pursuing a purpose. The purpose is to look at the world around us and to make it better. Since The COLLAGE Companies was founded, it has focused on building more than buildings. From day one we built our reputation on quality, clear and concise communication and a philosophy that keeps building relationships even when the project is complete. These relationships are the basis and the drivers of the community in which we live, work and play. And most importantly they are the reasons we do what we do and the causes to which we give back. Our success may be the combined efforts of a dedicated and intelligent team, but we also believe that the talents we all bring to the table are a gift that needs to be shared with and within our community. Simply put, we give back because we have been given a lot.